To be born again I'll have to die. And till death comes I'll have to live.

Why is it so easy to be admired and so difficult to be loved?

There may be no shortcuts to success. But there are shortcuts to getting whatever the so-called 'successful' people possess.

i minus me

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M S Ahluwalia

Three kinds of people

1. Losers: "It is in my destiny to lose"

2. Fighters: "I'll challenge my destiny and win"

3. Eccentric Morons: "I'm enjoying the game. Winning would be a bonus."
If you're lucky your life will last only about 3600 weekends, so don't be too serious in life. Just be sincere.

Ae Allah...

A friend's status message:

Zindagi di hai toh jeene ka hunar bhi dena;
paunv bakshe hain to taufiq-e-safar bhi dena..
Guftugu sikhayi hai tune, ke main toh goonga tha;
Ab main bolun toh meri baaton mein asar bhi dena...


Since you've given me life, also give me the skill to lead it,
Since you've given me legs, give me the help to travel,
You've taught me to talk, I was dumb
Now when I speak give my words the power to evoke effect


My response:

taqwaa: mein teri jeete hain,
muskura sakein itni taabish: bhi dena


We live in fear of you o'lord,
Give us the warmth to be able to Smile :)

manzil ki talab mein toofan se bhid gaye,
rang-e-nusrat ko ham batn: ham jolee: na rahe


In the quest to reach the destination I fought the storms,
to enjoy the victory no friends or kin remained.

"The biggest difference in my way of looking at people is that what I think of them has nothing to do with what they think of me. So, I might detest someone who loves me and I might love someone who detests me."

Sar e-shaam ko ye khayaal aaya tha,
wo mohabbat thi ki koi shaitaani saahir tha,
jisne zindagi ko is kadar sa'oobat banaya tha,
ki zafar ko bhi hamne aansoo mein bahaya tha!


At dusk this thought occurred,
whether it was love or some evil magician,
that made my life so full of hardship,
that even victory was drowned in tears.

Hanso, muskurao,
sabko hansaao,
jeene aaye ho,
dhang se jeeke to jao :)

Ye raaste hain gawaah

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
main aaya tha in par teri talaash mein.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
main baitha tha yaheen tere intezaar mein.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
kho gaya tha main tujhe dhoondne mein.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
main roya tha teri kamee dil ko chubhi thi jab.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
tu muh pher kar chal diya tha tab.


These roads witnessed
me coming here looking for you.

These roads witnessed
me sitting here waiting for you.

These roads witnessed
me getting lost in finding you.

These roads witnessed
me crying when my heart felt the lack of you.

These roads witnessed
you turned your face and went away.

"Life is boring when its easy. Fortunately, my life has been fun."

Jis pathar par main hoon baitha,
wo kisi ki manzil, aur kisi ka raasta.


The place where I'm sitting,
is someone's destination and someone's route.

It may seem to be an oxymoron but the irony is that - To predict human behaviour successfully you have to start with the assumption that it is unpredictable.

For reasons unknown

There are days when I feel so alone,
for reasons unknown.

Its not 'coz of her, I am sure.
Nor is it 'coz of anyone else from the yore.

It has something to do with the future,
with what lies ahead.
With the songs, that are to be heard,
and the books, that are to be read.

There is a question which calls for an answer,
and an answer orphaned due to lack of a question.

And behind the curtains, the smiling face,
as yet not ready, not having that grace.

Where are the curtains and the face,
and the answer and the question,
and the books and the songs,
and the future and the past,
and everyone else and her.

There are days when I feel so alone,
for reasons unknown.


"It is like when you splatter paint on a white cloth... as it settles down a pattern forms... but whatever you do you can't predict what it would be... so just sit back and enjoy the process... because the result, or the pattern -so to say, may or may not be so much fun to see ;)", a comment in response to Clouds are Moving.

" I thought I was speechless, then I realised my silence had already said more than my words ever could..."

A person who is known to be smart is not even half as smart as a person who is smart but not known to be so.

Living life is like travelling in a car, u have 2 options -
- Travel fast, you either crash your car or reach your destination early and enjoy achieving the feat.
- Travel slow and with stoppages, enjoy the experience, enjoy every moment spent on the road.

kho gayi wo jise kehti thi main sakhi,
mila piya par us se dosti na mil saki..


I've lost whom I called a friend,
I found love, but couldn't get the friendship from my love.

hamari doosri kaksha mein ek kitaab hua karti thi jiska naam tha baal bharti... uska chapter no 2 tha... apna kaam swayam karo.

Khwaabon ko zaroorat hai yaadon ki,
Yaadon ko zaroorat nahi khwaabon ki mujhe tadpane ko.


Dreams need memories,
Memories don't need dreams to have me suffer.

There is always that one last trick that the master does not teach his favorite student. Not until the master is on his deathbed.

Aasmaanon mein udne ki khwaaish to rakhte nahin hum,
aasmaan khud hi jhuk jaaye to baat alag hai!


I do not dream of flying,
if the sky itself comes down - then that's a different case :)

Happy are those who don't dream. For dreams, often, are the cause of unhappiness.

Watching You

I be watching you,
when the world turns their eyes away,
I be watching you,
even if 'I hate you' you say.

I be watching you,
for you made me me,
I be watching you,
for nothing else is worth enough to be watched by me.

Gar khwaab poore ho gaye sabhi,
to neend banjar ho jaye na kahin.


If all dreams become fulfilled,
I hope the sleep isn't rendered barren.

Har khwaab mein ik armaan ho ye zaroori to nahi,
Har armaan khwaab tak rahe ye bhi zaroori to nahi.

Khair hamein to bas ik khwaab ka armaan hai,
jo hamein haqeeqat se bekhabar rakh sake.


Every dream may not necessarily consist of a wish,
Every wish may not necessarily remain confined to a dream.

Anyway, I just have one wish - for a dream
that can keep me oblivious of reality!

sawaal ka jawaab palak jhapakte hi mil jaaye, toh mazaa kya

jawaab ka mazaa to uske intezaar mein hai!


There is no fun in getting an immediate answer to some questions,

The fun is in waiting for the answers!

Waqt aa gaya hai mehfil ko chod jaane ka,
Sochte hain - kya waqt aa gaya hai unhe ye bataane ka?


Time has come for me to leave this crowd,
I wonder, is it time to tell them this?

Call Me Devil

Don't call me a human,
Don't lower my stead.
Call me a Devil,
Mark my name in Red.

I'm not a human for I'm just
I'm not a human for I don't lust.

I'm not a human for free I am,
from all the virtues and vices which cause mayhem.

I'm a Devil,
For true I am and I exist,
And I proclaim openly am a narcissist.

I'm a Devil,
For pure I am,
With a heart of stone and mind devoid of clam.

Call me a Devil,
For I'm sane,
Don't forget,
Devil is my name.

Don't call me a human,
Don't lower my stead.
Call me a Devil,
Mark my name in Red.

bade bade toofanon ko yoon hi seh jaati hai,

aur chotti chotti baaton par chalak jaane vaali pyaali.

akhiyon ki zubaan hai niraali!

kaafi kuch keh jaati hai, bin kuch kahe kabhi,

Aur kabhi sab kuch keh kar bhi kuch na kehne waali,

akhiyon ki zubaan hai niraali!

mahabbat mein khudgarzi ka ye kaisa alam hai,
har koi chaahta jisko wo khwaishon ka sangam hai!


The prevalence of selfishness in love is so abound,
Everyone's love is a combination of their materialistic wishes.

shaayri ek ada hai khayal ko bayaan karke bhi chupaane ki.


Poetry is a way of expressing the thought without revealing it.

It is time to shut the doors and walk to the fire...
for there rests my soul, the ashes under the coal.

The end is near,
no respite in sight.

I am tired,
there's only so much I can fight.

Aching muscles don't even hurt,
it's the Heart that has hit the mud.

The mind is numb,
Is this proof that I'm nothing but a runt?

baithe hain tanha yahaan,
nahi hai tera koi nishaan,
teri yaadon mein khoye hain,
jaane kabse nahi soye hain!


I'm sitting alone here,
there is no sign of you.
Lost in your memories,
haven't slept in a while!

VA at 22:31 on 07 April

left all alone....dats all....but still carryin on wid life....

Me: at 23:07 on 07 April

tanha ke saath bhi to tanhayee hoti hai...
akela insaan tab hota hai jab tanha hone ke bawajood tanhayee uske saath na ho...

A lonely person is not alone,
for there is solitude with him,
A human is alone only when
he is alone but there is no solitude.

Vazandaar Dil

Dil ka vazan mehsoos ho raha hai,
aise jaise pehle kabhi hua nahi.

Gamnawaazi bhi nahi hai,
koi haadsa bhi nahi.

Phir kya hai ki ye ekdum hi,
ho gaya vazandaar dil.


The weight of the heart is being felt,
like never felt before.

There is no sorrow,
nor any accident.

Then what has happened,
that this heart is so heavy?

haatim haazir hai haakim ke darbaar mein,
hijaab ho raha hai neelam haraarat ke baazar mein,
phir hairani kya ki hua ye haadisah,
phir hairani kya ki hubb hai is haal mein.


The generous have been summoned to the court of the ruler,
The veil is being auctioned in the market of lust,
Then what be the surprise that something so unfortunate has happened,
Then what be the surprise that this be the condition of love.

Was I wrong?

As all hope is vanquished,
that feeling is brought forth.
That the world was right,
And I was wrong.

As the rain,
only increases the pain,
this brain,
seems no more worthwhile than a clogged drain.

Sometime I wonder,
is the rationale behind my past acts so weak,
that every trouble,
leads me to evaluate the correctness of them.

Was I wrong in hurting the dusk,
replying to the questions with a mum?
Was I wrong, back then,
in walking out of the hall?

Was I wrong,
in standing for what I thought was right,
and still think it is/was?


Even as I was writing this I was FBing. And got the news of one of the people from my past winning a national level beauty pageant. Sent a 'Congratulations' message.

I sit here jobless waiting for... and constantly coming to know of the people from my past who are excelling in their respective fields. Am I jealous - No. Am I happy - never knew them well enough to be happy for them, as much as I would want to.

While all that I want to do in life is just to while it through with a smile on my face. Sometimes even that becomes so difficult. Not because of the pain of what's happening to me but because of the pain that is caused by that feeling of being wrong.

With only an imaginary person, created from the remnants of the past, consoling me and telling me I'm right. And pushing me along. And since I don't suffer from schizophrenia, am aware that I can't trust the judgement of her, because she is nothing but a creation of me.

And again, as I am reminded of her, the feeling creeps in, Was I wrong?

Once in a while...

Once in a while,
look towards the skies.
There I shall be,
Not further than a mile.
Waiting for you,
on the clouds benign.

Ye kya ajab sa nasha sa hai,
zubaan baar baar phisle ja rahi hai...
chaaron taraf tabaahi hai,
phir bhi madhoshi si chaa rahi hai!


What kind of intoxication is this,
The tongue is slipping consistently,
there is destruction all around,
and still intoxicated I am.

(Unsatisfactory Translation)

Aaj phir..

Aaj phir wo baat hai mere labon pe,
jise sun meri baahon mein aa gaya tha tu.

Aaj phir wo khamoshi hai samaa mein,
jinmein khamosh hi kuch keh gaya tha tu.

Aaj phir teri yaad mein wo nagme sunta tha,
jinhe gungunata paas se guzargaya tu.


Again that thought is on my lips,
which brought you to my arms.

Again that silence is there in the environment,
in which without saying you said a lot!

Again,reminiscing, I listen to those songs,
humming which you passed by me.

hum to soche baithe the unka dil mumbai mein hai,
ab lagta hai talaash-e-dil mein bhatakte hain wo.


To a friend-

I was under the impression his heart is in Mumbai,
now it seems he wanders in search of his heart.

Sochte Hain...

Agar hamne na tujhe dekha hota,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar tune na hamein dekha hota,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar tu na muskuraya hota,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar tune na palkon ko jhukaya hota,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar wo Gulaab hamare hathon se tere hathon mein na aaya hota
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar tune mera haath na thaama hota
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar tu mera humkadam na bana hota
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar tu na rootha hota,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar wo kadam na behka hota,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Agar maine tujhe manaya hota,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Ik ranjish ne sukoon ko ghayal kiya,
Agar wo ranjish na hoti,
to kya hota, sochte hain.

Guzaarish karoon bhi main waqt se thamne ki to kya hoga,
main tanhaan yahaan, aur tu mujhse rusva hoga.

khwaish tujhse milne ki is dil mein hai
tu mil gaya to bhi kya hoga


Even if I plead with Time to stop,
I'd be alone here and you displeased with me.

There's a wish this heart has - to meet you,
even if we meet what will happen?

urdoo mein arjmand hone ka iraadah tha adib: ka,
kambakht teri muskaan ne zindagi ka idraak badal diya!


A learned man lived to be praised by the camp,
Your smile changed his perception of life.

Ashk bahate hain teri yaad mein,
par Darte hain tu inhe dekh na le,
teri muskaan inse zyaada keemti hai,
kahin ye usko dho na dein!


I cry in your memory,
but fear you may see the tears.
Your smile is more valuable,
lest, they wash it away.

Lafz har baat ko keh jaayen zaroori nahi hai,
baat lafzon ko bayaan kar jaaye ye bhi zaroori nahi hai,
aks hai, mehsoos hota hai, bahut hai.

maut ko manaane ki koshish mein,
aksar zindagi bhi rooth jaati hai.


In trying to convince death,
Often life also turns its face away.

Ek aur khwaab...

Kal phir mere khwab mein aaya tu,
kuch muskurahat ki kami thi,
kuch chahat ki kami thi.

Mujhse aankhen chupa ke chal to diya tha,
par aankhon ke milne pe aa bhi gaya tha

Bulaane pe paas aaya bhi,
par hamesha ki tarah muskuraya nahi.

Sochta hoon kabhi,
teri tasveer mein koi aur to nahin.
Par phir un aankhon ki gehrayee dikh jaati hai,
Jinki palkon par boonden giri thi kayeen.

Us Bus ki us bheed mein,
mujhse bachne ki koshish ki tune.
Na bach paya to paas aa gaya,
par khushi nahi thi, yeh mujhe
teri aankhen samjha gayeen.

Khafa hai mujhse,
Jo naaraaz hai tu, toh keh bhi de
hamesha toh kaha hai tune.
Khud se bhi koi shikwah rakhta hai kya?

Tune baaten to kareen,
par unme tera dil na tha.
Aisa laga mujhe khud se door karne ki koshish si thi.

Jaate waqt meri aankhon mein dekh
alvida keh to gaya
par unme dubaara milne ki khwaaish na thi

kya sirf isiliye aaya tha tu,
ki main tanha tha?
yaan isiliye, ki tu bhi
tanha tha?

Ab toh teri talab badti jaa rahi hai,
aur teri kami khalti ja rahi hai,
yaadon mein teri jee raha hoon,
aise hi zindagi guzarti ja rahi hai.