aadmiyat ko aadab karte wo arz karte hain,

meri basr mein chamak lane wale kaafir hain!!!

(That's what the thought process behind CSR seems to be like.)


Saluting humanity they say,

The ones who brought the stars in my eyes are infidels!

AAj be-sabab hum saazon ko chedne lage...

Shayad apni bezaari ko us shor mein chipane lage...


Today wihout any reason I started fiddling with the guitar,

I guess, trying to hide my despleasure in the noise...

ye hamari niyaaz ka hi asar to hai...

jo munhasir baithe manzar ka muaena kar rahe hain...


All this is but an effect of my desire,

That I serenely sit and survey the panorama...

uski wajaahat ki lajawaabi ka aur paimana kya hoga....

jiske asar se hamein apni qaafiriyat ka andaaza na raha

The Memory Remains

"I know a girl with the sweetest smile,
for one glimpse of her I walk a hundred miles,
her pretty eyes make my heart skip a beat,
to match her beauty would be an impossible feat,
she is so near and yet so very far,
her loving memories in my mind even time cannot mar.."

Source: http://anathema19.blogspot.com/