aise taare zameen par har roz nazar nahi aate,
jo hamaari aankhon ko chundhiyaane par majboor kar dein...
aisi pariyaan zameen par roz nazar nahi aateen...
jo hamein theher kar unhe nazar bhar dekhne par majboor kar dein


Such stars don't land on Earth every day,
which can make my eyes flutter.
Such fairies are not seen on Earth every day,
which can make me stop and watch them an eyeful.
aayine mein khud ko talaashte hain,
par har baar koi ajnabee mil jata jai
uski aankhon mein dekhte hain...
to tera chehra nazar aata hai...


I try to find myself in the mirror,
but meet a stranger.
I look in his eyes,
and find your face there.

August 15th 1963

The sounds are so different
The light is so bright.

Independence day it is
on border's right side.

A thump of the feet I had heard
the day before today
the air brought it to me
from across the gate way

Ahmed it was
along with Shahid, Bashir,
Saif, Faisal and the others

I've known him since ages
since we became independent.
August 15th, 1963 it is today
the day we got freedom

Independent I am
under no foreign soul
Under Nehru the Prime Minister
and our own food bowl.

This country will prosper
become what it was earlier
Sone ki Chidiya
A Golden Bird.
khayal aate hain labon par,
phir hamein khayal aata hai...

baat nikal gayee zamane mein,
toh khayal bepaak na ho jaaye


Thoughts come to my lips,
then I have a thought..

If the secrets be revealed to the world,
they may be desecrated.
d wrld i knw...
paris n rome...
the wrld n ma home...
ma enemies ma frnds...
ma relatives galore...
wat i dnt knw...
is wat is imprtnt mch more...

d thought in my heart...
n d love in ma brain
In the words so mellifluous
I try to hide
The pain in my heart
As I write.
I let the time loose,
I let it dance
It went past me
while I was in a trance.

The problem earlier existed,
it still did,
but I felt nothing,
that was the power of this trance.