I want to smile give me a reason,
I want to smile this is the season.

Lafzon mein ab jazba kahaan hai dil ki baat kehne ka,
ab to bas khwaas hi dekh sakte hain tere saath rehne ka.

Homo One :: Part 1 :: Chapter1 - Global Warming


The deafening noise caused thirteen year old Sonam and seven year old Tashi to make use of the first fingers of both their hands to plug their ears. It was late, the blast was already over, but atleast it saved their ears from the echos and the shrieks that form the aftermath of such explosions.  

Both were fortunate. Their father had blown away his entire wages on Ardam, the local alcoholic brew. Their mother had no say in the functioning of the household. Anyway, they were fortunate because they were alive. They were alive because they had not gone to Norbu Hill like Pasang, Pema, Dorjee and Jill. They had not gone to Norbu Hill like their cousins because they had no money for the mela. They had no money for the mela because their father was a drunkard. A blessing in disguise!

On Norbu Hill, a few minutes back there were a number of stalls selling an even greater number of items to the locals. Most of those items were everyday usage goods smuggled from China. Now, after the explosion there were two sets of exhibits on display. One, of the remains of the items both bought and sold and second, of the remains of the buyers and sellers of those items.

Most of those who survived could be categorised as unfortunate. For they had survived to live with the painful memories of the event which they would be made to remember everyday, every minute, every second of their lives by the absence of some part of their body - a hand, an eye, a leg, a tooth and the presence on their body  and on their mind -of scars. Scars of the splinters. Scars of the blood.

I know you will not call. But I want to live with the feeling that you will

"I know you will not call. But I want to live with the feeling that you will." - M S Ahluwalia

An expression of faith in one's love.

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"One day you will ask me which is more important? my life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life."

- Someone's status message on FB
"The relationship comes to the fore, only when love takes the backseat..." - M S Ahluwalia

Deewangi ki kagaar par...

Jhukta hai samandar ki lalkaar par,
aasmaan bhi uske saamne,
jhukjayega samandar bhi,
teri muskaan ke saamne.

muskurati in aankhon mein,
kuch to aisi baat hai,
dil ko majboor kar deti hain,
jhukne ko tere saamne.

fanaah hote the teri ada par,
teri chaal par,
tere kamaal par,
ab to qatl karne ki kagaar par hain,
jo tu na aayee apne saamne.

husn ho khafa bhi toh,
dil jee jata hai - deewangi ke sahaare,
dil khafa ho toh kambakht,
nasha nahi rehta hai parwaangi ke jaam mein.
Ab neend kahan aayegi, unki yaad jo aayee hai.
"Give your friends an opportunity to hate you. That will tell you who really love you." - M S Ahluwalia
"Those who know that they lack talent are usually the ones blessed with the rare ability of tenable self-introspection." - M S Ahluwalia
"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life!"
- Anonymous
‎"MY heart is mine.. But whenever i argue with it about you.. It always takes your side" :-*
"If I had one hour to live...I would spend it in my office...b'coz it feels like an eternity.."
"~Why be normal, if GOD made you unique????~"

Status message of a FB friend!

And the Heart-Ache returns

... and there's not much to say. Just that this time I have the answers to who, how, when and why?


PR's status message:
"I still dont get it!!How can one person call himself a "good friend" and still bitch about the same behind that person's back!!How do such people still get good friends!!Is it the fame or the money???"

"neither... it's the fact that people are ignorant about a person's behavior towards others and are only concerned with how that person is behaving with them at that juncture..."


There are times...

There are times when I feel so cold,
There are times when I feel so old,
There are times when I feel so lonely,
Those are the times when you are the one and only
I want next to me,
sitting by my side,
looking into my eyes.


On a wednesday morning,
when you won't find me by your side,
you'd remember all those tiny little fights.
Over paltry sums for the samosas,
and on other occasions,
to make the other one eat your rava masala dosas.

Cursing each other,
like there was no one worse in the world.
To not speak for days,
And then forget why we fought,
and getting back to the old ways,
and the same old craze.

And we would say,
Friends are not to be forgotten,
they are to be cherished,
to be loved and cared for.

A few years hence,
when we wouldn't have seen each other for aeons,
the memories would be blurred,
there would just be the comfort,
of having once known you.
And the face would light up,
upon remembering the times that we spent together.

And then we may just bump into each other,
after a really long time we would be together,
and surprisingly there wouldn't be much to say,
because unfortunately friendships do fade away.
"Single men..wht wud thy knw of a woman?
its the ones 'taken' who figr her out b8r..
if only the women were smart enough 2 gt it.."

- A friend's Google Chat status.