Door ja rahein hain tujhse
Kya karein
Mahabbat ho gai to tujhpe
Bewafaai ka ilzaam lagana padega

The Absence of Fear

The absence of fear can make you weak. Really weak. When you have fear you usually find one or more people you share the fear with. You bond. You have relationships. Strong ones. That's the power of fear.

But the absence of fear! You march into situations where no one has the guts to even stand. You turn back and see that you've lost everyone at some point of time. You are alone. For a superhero being alone and fearless may be a great thing. But for a human, no. Humans need bonds, relationships. And being truly fearless, unless he's celebrated for it, mostly results in him having none. So he's weak. Very weak.


Hamein tumse ye gila to rahega.
Hamari khushi banke,
hamse door kyun chal diye.

Maarna tha to maar hi daalte,
Yun tadapta chod ke kyun chal diye.


Hum khwabon se kyun dare
Unhone kya bigaada hai hamara
Dar to manzilon se lagta hai
Khwabon ke Anjaam se waqif jo karaati hain

I will kill

No. I don't want to kill him. It would be too easy. Too easy for him. And too easy for me.

I want to kill his soul. To reduce him to a vegetative state. His body will stay alive but in great pain. Such great pain that he will crack and his soul will gradually die. A slow painful death. Until he reaches a state where the body is still alive, but there's nothing inside.

And when that happens. The process of my healing shall begin. To see him reduced to an insignificant existence, mocked by all, would bring calm to me.

And then the final stage may be reached - the stage where from a monster, I gradually turn human again. Someone with a heart, and a soul. Someone who can be vulnerable, can feel pain, and can love.

Being 'neutral' doesn't mean you don't take sides. It means you take sides based on merit, free of biases.

Kyun mahabbat hui

Mahabbat ki baarishein
Apni qismat mein kahan

Pade hain hum yahan
Bikhre bikhre se
In boondon ki tarah
Apni jaan se juda
Tanha tanha tanha

Ye halat hui
Mahabbat hui
Khud se poochte hain
Kabhi kabhi kabhi