zamaane ko khabar hai hamare us raaz ki,
jise hum muskura ke chupate the

wo gham jis par hum khushi se khushiyaan lutate hain..

jin mein yaad basi hai teri,
aur teri palkon se gire wo cheente,

teri us toot-tii payal ki awaaz
aur teri nayee zindagi ka aagaaz


me: i saw in her eyes,cold, not a sign of life.
She was alive and kicking,to everyone's eyes...
but her eyes,I saw a ghost there....

00:21 @: you there?

00:23 me: yup

00:24 @: that's original?

me: When I copy, i quote the source...
00:25 this is original

@: well, pretty good stuff I must say the inspiration?

00:26 me: am still wondering y i said dat and y to dis specific person?
u got any clues?

00:27 @: ah well, no point stating things explicitly then :)
only I wonder, when do you make your observations?