Ye raaste hain gawaah

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
main aaya tha in par teri talaash mein.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
main baitha tha yaheen tere intezaar mein.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
kho gaya tha main tujhe dhoondne mein.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
main roya tha teri kamee dil ko chubhi thi jab.

Ye raaste hain gawaah,
tu muh pher kar chal diya tha tab.


These roads witnessed
me coming here looking for you.

These roads witnessed
me sitting here waiting for you.

These roads witnessed
me getting lost in finding you.

These roads witnessed
me crying when my heart felt the lack of you.

These roads witnessed
you turned your face and went away.

"Life is boring when its easy. Fortunately, my life has been fun."

Jis pathar par main hoon baitha,
wo kisi ki manzil, aur kisi ka raasta.


The place where I'm sitting,
is someone's destination and someone's route.

It may seem to be an oxymoron but the irony is that - To predict human behaviour successfully you have to start with the assumption that it is unpredictable.

For reasons unknown

There are days when I feel so alone,
for reasons unknown.

Its not 'coz of her, I am sure.
Nor is it 'coz of anyone else from the yore.

It has something to do with the future,
with what lies ahead.
With the songs, that are to be heard,
and the books, that are to be read.

There is a question which calls for an answer,
and an answer orphaned due to lack of a question.

And behind the curtains, the smiling face,
as yet not ready, not having that grace.

Where are the curtains and the face,
and the answer and the question,
and the books and the songs,
and the future and the past,
and everyone else and her.

There are days when I feel so alone,
for reasons unknown.


"It is like when you splatter paint on a white cloth... as it settles down a pattern forms... but whatever you do you can't predict what it would be... so just sit back and enjoy the process... because the result, or the pattern -so to say, may or may not be so much fun to see ;)", a comment in response to Clouds are Moving.

" I thought I was speechless, then I realised my silence had already said more than my words ever could..."

A person who is known to be smart is not even half as smart as a person who is smart but not known to be so.

Living life is like travelling in a car, u have 2 options -
- Travel fast, you either crash your car or reach your destination early and enjoy achieving the feat.
- Travel slow and with stoppages, enjoy the experience, enjoy every moment spent on the road.

kho gayi wo jise kehti thi main sakhi,
mila piya par us se dosti na mil saki..


I've lost whom I called a friend,
I found love, but couldn't get the friendship from my love.

hamari doosri kaksha mein ek kitaab hua karti thi jiska naam tha baal bharti... uska chapter no 2 tha... apna kaam swayam karo.

Khwaabon ko zaroorat hai yaadon ki,
Yaadon ko zaroorat nahi khwaabon ki mujhe tadpane ko.


Dreams need memories,
Memories don't need dreams to have me suffer.

There is always that one last trick that the master does not teach his favorite student. Not until the master is on his deathbed.

Aasmaanon mein udne ki khwaaish to rakhte nahin hum,
aasmaan khud hi jhuk jaaye to baat alag hai!


I do not dream of flying,
if the sky itself comes down - then that's a different case :)

Happy are those who don't dream. For dreams, often, are the cause of unhappiness.