"If I had one hour to live...I would spend it in my office...b'coz it feels like an eternity.."
"~Why be normal, if GOD made you unique????~"

Status message of a FB friend!

And the Heart-Ache returns

... and there's not much to say. Just that this time I have the answers to who, how, when and why?


PR's status message:
"I still dont get it!!How can one person call himself a "good friend" and still bitch about the same behind that person's back!!How do such people still get good friends!!Is it the fame or the money???"

"neither... it's the fact that people are ignorant about a person's behavior towards others and are only concerned with how that person is behaving with them at that juncture..."


There are times...

There are times when I feel so cold,
There are times when I feel so old,
There are times when I feel so lonely,
Those are the times when you are the one and only
I want next to me,
sitting by my side,
looking into my eyes.


On a wednesday morning,
when you won't find me by your side,
you'd remember all those tiny little fights.
Over paltry sums for the samosas,
and on other occasions,
to make the other one eat your rava masala dosas.

Cursing each other,
like there was no one worse in the world.
To not speak for days,
And then forget why we fought,
and getting back to the old ways,
and the same old craze.

And we would say,
Friends are not to be forgotten,
they are to be cherished,
to be loved and cared for.

A few years hence,
when we wouldn't have seen each other for aeons,
the memories would be blurred,
there would just be the comfort,
of having once known you.
And the face would light up,
upon remembering the times that we spent together.

And then we may just bump into each other,
after a really long time we would be together,
and surprisingly there wouldn't be much to say,
because unfortunately friendships do fade away.
"Single men..wht wud thy knw of a woman?
its the ones 'taken' who figr her out b8r..
if only the women were smart enough 2 gt it.."

- A friend's Google Chat status.