I'm losing touch with life,
undone by the phenomenon called love.

The bonds that ensure sanity are breaking,
one by one, they become undone.

The heart is aching,
affected by perennial pain.
Memories behind it,
But I'm too tired to remember.

I just lie dead now,
waiting for it to happen.
For me to be forgotten,
and for whatever remains to be undone.

The wound IV - Hope is killing

I've given up. If you'd come today, I wouldn't have approached you, as I promised. You didn't come. And I'm wondering if I'm the reason for that.

And more than that I'm hoping that there'd be a day, sometime in the near future, when you realize how wrong all this is.

There's a misunderstanding. A big one. I want to talk to you, to tell you about it. But I feel that I no longer have the right to walk up to you and talk to you.

To tell you that this is just a friendship. It is not romantic love or an affair heading to marriage. It is friendship. But a real one, not a social one. A friendship where there's trust and care. There's a bond. The kind of bond that one can form only with people who have a pure heart. And, this bond does not need to take any shape apart from that of a friendship.

It is the kind of bond that you wish lasts for a lifetime. The kind of bond that can kill, if it breaks. And it is breaking, and it is killing.

I don't know what to do next. But to live with the hope that one day you'll understand, and that we'll be friends again.

But this hope makes me want to do something. Something to improve the situation. I don't know what to do. Everything I do worsens the situation. And so I'm getting frustrated. This frustration is hurting me. This hope is killing me.

I live with a heartache waiting for my friend to return. Waiting for you to come and sit with me and talk.