"The biggest difference in my way of looking at people is that what I think of them has nothing to do with what they think of me. So, I might detest someone who loves me and I might love someone who detests me."

Sar e-shaam ko ye khayaal aaya tha,
wo mohabbat thi ki koi shaitaani saahir tha,
jisne zindagi ko is kadar sa'oobat banaya tha,
ki zafar ko bhi hamne aansoo mein bahaya tha!


At dusk this thought occurred,
whether it was love or some evil magician,
that made my life so full of hardship,
that even victory was drowned in tears.

Hanso, muskurao,
sabko hansaao,
jeene aaye ho,
dhang se jeeke to jao :)