"The average man, who does not know what to do with his life, wants another one which will last forever."
 - Anatole France, novelist, essayist, Nobel laureate (1844-1924)
"In a relationship power is with the person who cares less." - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)
A heart that is hurt is like a small baby,
it can cry but it won't be able to express its feelings
so don't hurt anybody in life who cares for you a lot :)
"Don't argue with a fool. Others won't know the difference."
"There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real."
What simmers is often more dangerous than what boils.....

...because there's the surprise element involved.
zara samajh le apni muhabbat ko dil se ek baar,
jise tu bewafaai samajh raha hai wo chahat na ho,
gunahgaar thehra baithe farishte ko,
kahin tujhse ye khatah na ho!
"When your strengths become your weaknesses and the weaknesses hurt you much more you wouldn't have enough left in you to even raise your eyes and look for the end of the tunnel..."
"ek peg tune kya lagaya,
haale din zubaan pe aa gaya,
jo karne ki neeyat thi,
zamaane ko keh gaya!"
If you want to know how much I love you, just close your eyes and feel my heart :)

Incomplete Expressions 1

Ye na socha tha maine kabhi,
ki ik din tu muskura ke kehdegi,
main tera nahi.

Wo jo khwaab hamaara tha,
ik din mera ho jayega,
aur kaanton ki tarah aaankhon ko dard pahunchayega,
ye na socha tha maine kabhi.

Teri muskan se uthne wali wo tapish,
ik din jala degi mujhe,
teri har adaa par behekti wo kaliyaan,
ik din murjha jaayengi.

Imprisoned in Freedom

Look beyond the mellifluous words,
at the freedom of the soul.

The imprisonment in freedom,
causes this poetic whole.

'Poetic justice' they call it,
suffering at the hands of freedom.

The romanticism is unmatched,
in life, in this un-free kingdom.

Oxymorons are plenty,
but they are also necessary,
for that is the graveyard,
in which we, and our 'free' souls, are buried.

Tere aansuon se bekhabar

yun to main chal bhi deta,
tere aansuon se bekhabar.

par dhadkanon ki bewafai thi aisi,
tham gayeen us waqt waheen.

gira tha mein, batlaya gaya hai mujhe,
utha tha mein, daras hue the allah ke,
in nasamjhon ko kaise samjhayen

khel hai zubaani,
mohabbat ko bayaan karne ka,
bewafa zubaan thi meri,
haan ko na keh diya.

yun to main chal bhi deta,
tere aansuon se bekhabar.


ye dhoka hi to hai jis par yakeen hai hamein,
ki hamaare yakeen ko dhoka haasil hoga zaroor,
ki mohabbat phir hogi hamein,
or phir mohabbat ko rusvaai haasil hogi zaroor...

Untitled 1

Jhukta hai samandar ki lalkaar par,
aasmaan bhi uske saamne,
jhukjayega samandar bhi,
teri muskaan ke saamne.

muskurati in aankhon mein,
kuch to aisi baat hai,
dil ko majboor kar deti hain,
jhukne ko tere saamne.

fanaah hote the teri ada par,
teri chaal par,
tere kamaal par,
ab to qatl karne ki kagaar par hain,
jo tu na aayee apne saamne.

husn ho khafa bhi toh,
dil jee jata hai - deewangi ke sahaare,
dil khafa ho toh kambakht,
nasha nahi rehta hai parwaangi ke jaam mein.
What is the sense in blaming someone for lacking interest in someone/something?
"When you know that it is time to close a deal - get up, tighten your shoe laces, and, walk out of the room!"
"without trust you can't love someone, without love this life is meaningless... so what should I do... i'll prefer to have my heart broken again and again and again, in the hope that someday someone will add meaning to my life"
"kya bashar ki bisaat, aaj hai kal nahi"

Quoting from the fantabulous song Sayo Nee from Daur-e-Junoon. Wonderful Lyrics, Excellent Music

You are not yet in me,
and I can enjoy the pain,
The way you are looking at me,
there will soon be rain.
"You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel."
I would have accepted Mr. Attitude for a nickname, had it not been so trite.
"To someone who I wish was born in the same house, so that we could have cared for and fought each other a lot more. Happy Rakhi :))"
"I don't believe in God. I don't believe in Devil either. That's why I'm never disappointed."

- From a Hollywood flick

3 Questions :: Part 1

“So Roy what should we do with you?”

Roy was hung upside down. A stream of blood flowing down his pear shaped nose. When he left for college in the morning he had no idea this is how the day would turn out to be.

“Oh yes! We can get her to join us if that would make you squeak.”

“Nooooooo.. please don’t.. please don’t do anything to her.”

“So the rat finally squeaked...... and why shoudn’t we?”

“Please”, Roy begged. There was little else he could do.

Humans take risk. They have a propensity to do so. Some know what they are doing, most don’t have a clue. Roy belonged to the latter category.

I repeat my question Roy, “ What were you doing at Kinga Bypass at 1 in the night?”

Kinga Bypass - Famous for rave parties. ‘Brats’ of the nouveau riche flock the farmhouses. Juxtaposed to the Kinga Lake these were amongst the favorite venues of the addicts. Addicts – addicted to drugs, addicted to sex, addicted to repeated attempts at finding ways to hide themselves from themselves, addicted to following, addicted to more than one of these and addicted to more.

Have you ever observed that person next to you – completely engrossed in work or studies or sports or something else. Trying hard to become famous or to earn money so that people will bow before them, or so that they will have a status in society or so that they can educate their children so that they in turn will have the ability to do the same thing. Most of them haven’t faced themselves, ever. They never found the time for it. So, the only reason that they’ve known for being alive – to become something or someone special.

But these ‘brats’, they have a lot of time on their hands. Most of them are the children of parents who’ve slogged hard to get where they are now. And somewhere along the way, probably as a result of their slogging to achieve the ‘Goals’, they are reduced to parents only on paper. These children in all practical respects are orphans. The parents are the wardens of their orphanages.

The orphanages, no doubt, are good ones- fulfilling all material necessities and luxuries. These children were never coached or directed by their parents towards a goal. They haven’t got a clue what to do with their lives. They don’t need to earn money to feed themselves or their kin. They don’t have the desire to be famous. So since they don’t have a goal to attain they have a lot of time on their hands. And the human brain can’t stop thinking if the person is awake and (s)he is not thinking. And some of these ‘brats’ were smart - they realized that everything around them is just a faff. And here they are now – at Kinga Bypass.
Har waqt kaante chubhate hain jo,
Hum kaise maanle hamse mohabbat karte hain wo.
"Measure life not by the number of breaths you've taken; but by the moments that have taken  your breath away...."

How long have you lived?
Wisdom is not a function of the number of years a person has spent on Earth, it is determined by the richness of a person’s experiences.
Aren't we living in times when luxuries have become necessities?

The New Look

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I am what you would like me to be and still be someone you don’t know well enough.
That is how Shahrukh Khan described himself.

Aye dil, dil ki duniya mein...

Aye dil, dil ki duniya mein,
aisa haal bhi hota hai,
bahar koi hansta hai,
andar koi rota hai.

Kabhi Kabhi khud hi majhi,
kashti ko dubota hai,
aye dil, dil ki duniya mein,
aisa haal bhi hota hai.

- Song from Yaadein
The space between two people allows a third person to step in and create a misunderstanding!

It's funny how a person can break your heart, and you can still love them with all the little pieces.
"tum hote jo dushman to baat hi kya thi,
apnon ko manaana hai - zara der lagegi"
"If two past lovers can remain friends....... either they never were in love..... or they still are...."

- Retweeted by sm1 on my list
Often the people who talk the most speak the least, and intentionally so.
shaq hai unhe hum hum nahi...
andaaza hai hamein bhi mohabbat ka..
kehte nahi..
ki besharam nahin.
kyunki faasla hi to zubaan deta hai mohabbat ko..
kyunki wo sulagti dhadkan hi to zindagi deti hai aashiq ko
Jab kismat hi bewafah ho,
to kya shikwa insaanon se.


when destiny itself is infidel,
then why to have hard feelings for humans?
To the mad man, the sane one is mad... But how do we know that the mad one is actually not sane and the sane one not mad?
"If you're doing something. And you are not happy doing it, whatever you are doing. You should be doing something else."

- Adapted from Shane Warne's comment
I'm sad, because there is no reason for me to be happy. I'm happy, because there is no reason for me to be sad.
wo jo baat teri khamoshiyon se shuru ui thi,
teri khamoshiyon par khatm hone ka haq hai uska..


The conversation that originated from your silence,
has the right to end at it.
When a person struggles hard to achieve something.. more often than not that something, in the process, becomes sacrosanct for the person.. and therefore he loses the 'ability to believe' that - that something might not actually be so precious, virtuous or even desirable.

Sometimes, the realisation that you are not in a position to break someone's heart, breaks your heart.

Ik pal jeene ko maut tarasti hai,
maut ki chaahat pe kismat hasti hai.


(Death struggles to live for a moment,
Destiny smiles at this wish.)