Love & Hate - choose your friends carefully

"A person who knows hate - knows hate. And a person who knows love - knows love. So if you choose a person (or a set of people) on the basis of mutually shared hatred, be careful. Because once that common enemy is dead your partner in crime would be looking for someone new to hate. And, you could be that. Karma has its ways."
- M S Ahluwalia

Being Philosophical: Do ants have a heart?

Have you ever seen them crawling? You think so. But I don't think so.

Look carefully, look at their speed relative to their body size. They are not crawling. They are sprinting - sprinting faster than the fastest 100m sprinters we humans have. And, they just keep doing it consistently, for hours on the trot. Look at our sprinters - what happens to them after the 100m - they are panting badly. You ask them to run at that speed for an hour, and they'll have a heart attack due to physical exertion.

Look at all those football players who died because of excessive running. Heart attacks. Why don't ants get heart attacks - even though they keep running around all the time - the answer is simple. Isn't it?


Door ja rahein hain tujhse
Kya karein
Mahabbat ho gai to tujhpe
Bewafaai ka ilzaam lagana padega