wo to allah ki shaajish hai roohon ko tadpane ki,
aur log jismon ke milne ko ishq kehte hain!


It is a conspiracy of the God,
to torture the souls.
And people call the meeting of bodies -- Love!

Ab kyun hai?

kuch bechaini si hai,
talab si hai,
kuch kamee si hai,
tanhayee si hai.
bahut kuch hai,
aur kuch nahi bhi hai.

Ekdum se ekaant ka jo ehsaas hua,
ye pehle to na hua tha.

Har khwaab mein tu basa hai,
ye pehle to na tha - ab kyun hai?

je tu na dikheya raati aashaq marjooga,
tere noor vikhe te vasdiyan,
yaadan mere yaar diyaan.


If you are not visible tonight,
this lover would die.
In your light live
the memories of my lover.

A Dream...

Having read 'The Interpretation of Dreams',
I thought I could interpret them all.
But this one's like a puzzle
of a kind that I've not even heard of before.

A dream wandered into my mind yesterday,
It had you, me and the times past by.
But it was the present,
not the past, nor the future.

On the beaches of Mumbai, walking,
like we used to before,
but in a place so far,
from the days of the yore.

Evening it was, after dusk,
but there was so much light,
emanating from you.

The conversations were there,
so was your smile.
Like always,
you never looked into my eyes.

You said everything,
and heard everything.
Never letting even your hand brush by.

But there was a difference..
you were shorter than me,
a good 6 inches if I remember correctly.

And the marks on your hand and arm?
I couldn't see.

Your phone wasn't there,
no mama, no Himpi.

The good times were on,
then you had to go,
and you went,
leaving me alone.

Why didn't I walk you to your home?
Why didn't I give you my phone number?
why didn't I say good bye?