Look into my eyes - Part III

About three months later I received the news that Anita was dead. She was found murdered and Kris was being charged with it.

The prosecution, hired by Ron had asked me to be summoned to the court to give a statement about Anita's character as I was both a colleague and a friend. The police thought it was suicide, but Ron intended to prove otherwise. Was I? What did they think I'll say about her?

"Your honour", I started,"when I first met Anita, she came across as a beautiful, vivacious lady who charmed
everyone with her warm smile. Someone whose love for her husband was of inexplicible depth." I looked at Ron, he sat there, silent.

"The last I met her was three months back", Ron looked at me, surprised. Obviously, she hadn't told him.

"She was with Kris", he looked at me, with a pleading look in his eyes. He perhaps thought I was lying, probably convinced by Ron to implicate him.

"Your honour", I said, "Ron murdered Anita". There was a deafening silence in the court.

"I do not know whether this is a suicide or a murder. But she was already dead when I met her. She had been betrayed by the person whom she had loved more than anyone."

"He had used her as a mere tool to divert the attention of his partner so that he could play around with the accounts and steal some money." Ron tried to run, but the police grabbed him.

"Initially she had played along, to help the person she loved so much. But somewhere in the process, she realised that she had been exploited, that he didn't feel for her. She came to know about his plans to use her in a similar manner in the future. But it was too late. She couldn't get out."

"In fact, she could. I told her I would take care of her, I told her I'll help her in every way possible. But she wouldn't. She was living day after day in pain, and somewhere in all this, she had already died." The silence in the court had turned into whispers.

I broke down, the judge had started announcing the sentence as Ron had accepted the crime. But, my mind was in a different world.

I saw her face in the clouds outside. "Look into my eyes", I said, with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.


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Look into my eyes - Part II

"Who was he?", that's what I planned to ask her. But I just stood there looking into those eyes. A few seconds later

she broke the silence.

"Please don't tell anyone", she repeated.

"What's going on?", I asked her.

"Its Kris. Ron's partner!"

"What's going on?"

"We are in a relationship"

"And Ron?", the question was mere rhetoric, I didn't give a damn about Ron. I was hurt... broken... shattered. The

person who helped me understand love, was today demeaning it.

She didn't hide anything from me. Never. But for someone to be so open about something so personal! Something just

felt wrong. This couldn't be the Anita I knew.

She turned away, but not before I saw a glimpse of the tears that had welled up in her eyes.

"What about Ron, Anita?", I rephrased the question.

She turned around. The tears were gone, she didn't want me to know.

"Please don't tell anyone", she repeated again, this time looking straight into my eyes.

"On one condition", my pain was now shaping up into anger.


"I want you. Right here, right now", it was her turn to be hurt. She knew what it meant. She knew I understood she

was lying and I was hurt and angry. She knew I was going to cause pain to her even though it will further increase

my pain.

Her eyes went down, to my feet, then hers. She had submitted. But, that is not what I wanted.

She looked around to see if it was safe. It was, I cared for her too much, to do something foolish.

As she undressed, I was looking at her eyes. But she was looking elsewhere. Anywhere, but me. She continued, did

away with my clothing. But was still not looking into my eyes. I sat on the bench, she got on me. Even with the

bodies joined, her eyes were roaming around. Looking at every part of my body, other than my eyes. She was cold,

very cold. Shivering.

Why was she doing this? Why was she causing pain to both of us?

"Look into my eyes", I shouted, unable to control my pain.

She looked into my eyes. The physical movement stopped. It wasn't required now. Tears welled up, rather freely this time, as she finally looked into my eyes.

What she told me in the next few minutes was disheartening. How could love be disgraced like this!

... to be continued