Happy are those who don't dream. For dreams, often, are the cause of unhappiness.


Material Girl said...

Don't quite agree: For those who do not dream are doomed to a life of mediocrity, but those who dream are truly alive: They either fail or win, but do so, completely.

MS Ahluwalia said...

'doomed to a life of mediocrity'.. have you ever thought of it this way - there might be people who'd enjoy a so-called 'mediocre' life.. for them a mediocre life is not semantically equivalent to being doomed!

And about failing and winning.. i've seen people who've run the race, become big big names(hence, successful by generic parameters) and are still losers.. and unhappy.. and 'doomed... manzil ki talab mein toofan se bhid gaye, rang-e-nusrat ko ham batn: ham jolee: na rahe :)